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The MPPF series power pack is an easy to assemble compact electro-hydraulic unit. The features of versatility and modularity make it possible to obtain many hydraulic circuit combinations for various plant design requirements. The high quality of the components and their flexibility and ease of mount makes these powerpacks compact in size and competitively priced. Every component is completely interchangeable and it can be stocked separately and used in all required systems, obtaining in this way a time and stock costs save. The standard design ensures a wide variety of components with the following specifications: DC motors, 12/24 V, from 0.8 to 3 kW; Single and triple-phase motors with power ratings of up to 4 kW; Gear pumps from 1 to 9.8 cc/rev; Tanks in sheet steel with capacities of up to 60 liters; More complex driving circuits can be realized with the addition of external blocks over the central manifold. All the blocks have the same interface with a given distance between P - T ports and threads for screws. Operating limits: Intermittent operating pressure: 250 bar (depending on pump type) Maximum flow rate: 12 l/min Maximum operating temperature: 80°C Mineral-based hydraulic fluid: ISO 6743-4 (DIN 51524) Minimum ambient temperature – 15°C Maximum ambient temperature 40°C MPPF powerpacks are mainly used to control the movement of single and double acting cylinders in various applications. Typical applications include: fork lift trucks, air platforms, scissors tables and car lift, tipping trucks and trailers, snow ploughs, industrial machines. In addition we can supply specialized circuits at request. Advantages: Compact and modular construction, limited number of components, quick and easy assembly Maximum flexibility – numerous different circuits can be built from just the few basic versions Valve cavities conform to international standards Optimization of motor-pump unit produce increased efficiency CE marking